New Waterproof Smartphone Case Can Easily Hold Large Screen Smartphones

Posted on: Wednesday , 22 July 2015

MarineCase II, the recent release of waterproof Smartphone case from the most trusted name in selling mobile phone accessories Concord Keystone can hold large Smartphones.

Sunrise, Florida – 22nd October, 2012: The smart phones are the latest trend followed by many people. With multi-dimensional features and easy accessibility, many people are buying these phones. They cost a bomb and thus should also be taken proper care. This is why the waterproof Smartphone case manufactured by Concord Keystone is so popular for their excellent protective features. They’re about to launch MarineCase II which can house Smartphones with large screens like Samsung Galaxy S™ III, HTC Evo4G LTE, Motorola Droid Razor, Sony Xperia ion and other such phones.

The spokesperson from the company has a lot to share about MarineCase II and mentioned its various features as he states, “MarineCase II is not for the regular use. Many times people may feel that their Smartphones require a bit extra protection and this is when they come the handiest. Sometimes people keep their phones with them although they’re participating in some outdoor games. They want to know about the ups and downs of market or their company’s results or updates of board meetings, while, let’s say they’re busy in beach enjoying holidays, boating, skiing, hiking, fishing etc. This waterproof Smartphone case provides impassable guard against water, sand, and dust and can secure it from collisions and is defiant against rubs, cavities and breaking of the screen.”

The price of the MarineCase II has been kept at a paltry price of $49.99 so that’s it’s accessible to most people using Smartphones. They have given IP58 certification for their sand and water resistance. You can use these phones under water taking pictures or making calls. With a simple twisting lock, this waterproof Smartphone case can be locked and opened easily. To know about the other Smartphone cases or mobile accessories sold by the company

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